CHE170: Molecular and Cell Biology for Engineers, Fall 2010
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Course description

This course aims to familiarize engineering students with basic molecular and cellular biology principles and concepts, and to apply chemical and engineering principles to further the understanding of biological systems. Topics include protein structure and function, transcription, translation, post-translational processing, cellular organization, molecular transport and trafficking, and cellular models.

Protein art gallery designed by course students in Fall 2010.

Course information

instructor Professor M. Scott Shell
shell (at)
Engineering II 3321
office hours: M 11am-12pm, W 10-11am (or by appointment) 

TAs Sunyia Hussain
sunyia (at)
office hours: Tu 3-4pm, F 12-1pm
office hours location: Engineering II 3201

schedule TuTh 11:00am-12:15pm, Engineering II 1519

textbook Essential Cell Biology (3rd edition)
Alberts et al., Garland Science (2009).

grading 35% problem sets, 25% quizzes, 40% final exam

Course syllabus and schedule
Download here.

Final grade distributions
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Assignments (due Thursdays in class)

Quizzes and exams

Lecture slides, notes, and handouts

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