The Valentine Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara
Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Bioadhesion

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  • Our interdisciplinary research incorporates key concepts from engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, materials science, and computer science to tackle fundamental questions of how forces are generated in cells. A variety of experimental techniques are employed, including high-resolution optical trapping, single-molecule fluorescence, advanced microscopy, BioMEMS methods, and microrheometry. We use a systems-based approach to probe force generation at a wide range of length scales, from that of single proteins moving in model polymeric networks to that of living organisms.

    To find out about additional opportunities for experimental biomechanics and biomaterials research in the Valentine Lab, please email Dr. Valentine directly.

    Valentine Laboratory, California NanoSystems Institute, Room 2404, Elings Hall, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106; 805-893-2594.